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Spotting one ant in your home doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a whole colony hiding somewhere. However, if you are continually seeing ants it chould mean that you have a problem. At Action Pest Control, our vast experience with ant control helps us detect and eliminate ant colonies quickly from your living spaces. Our professionals are qualified to handle pavement and carpenter ants extermination. Rely on our company to get rid of your ant problem in a nutshell.

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Although carpenter ants are small, you should never underestimate them. These ants feast from wood and can cause great damage if the issue is not addressed properly. Pavement ants, on the other hand, carry germs that can infect your food and your pets. Prevent unexpected surprises with our ant control services. Our specialists make sure to find the colony to bait, spray and eliminate it from your property.

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If not properly controlled, ants can easily become a problem. Prevent future issues in your home with our ant control services. We serve commercial and residential properties in Weymouth, MA, and the surrounding areas. Our team offers discounts for veterans and seniors!

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